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BTL events and promotions at railway stations

BTL events
BTL events


Promoter distributes the product samples or miniature packaging to customers in order to get them acquainted with the product and give the opportunity to test it.

Wet sampling – consumers are offered to try the product (tea, coffee, biscuits, wine, sausage, etc.) at the places of product sales.

Dry sampling – consumers are told about the product (perfumes, personal hygiene products, etc.) and offered to take the sample of it with them.

Horeca – sampling alcoholic beverages and cigarettes in restaurants and bars.

Pack swap – exchanging of half-empty packs of the same name product on the complete packs of advertised product (cigarettes).


Advertising agency RZD media assistance in organizing and carrying out of promo-actions, which are aimed to get consumers acquainted with the taste, the aesthetic properties of the product. We can arrange any installation on the Russian railway stations. The main idea is to conduct promotional action right at the central location, that will switch the consumer's attention from competitors' products.

The possibilities of BTL activities:





Подарок за покупку

Gift with purchase

Розыгрыши, лотереи