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Advertising in Moscow railway stations

Passenger traffic in railway stations in Moscow

Railway stations commuter rail stations long-distance rail stations
Yaroslavskij 12 530 400 1 802 970
Kurskij 9 954 000 1 110 000
Kazanskij 11 217 000 2 550 000
Leningradskij 7 235 000 1 701 360
Kievskij 4 230 000 1 308 000
Belorusskij 7 872 000 1 080 000
Paveleckij 5 313 000 1 866 000
Rizhskij 510 000 180 000
Savyolovskij 1 239 000 -
  • According to "Russian Railways" company data for 2017
  • Passenger traffic, people per month

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Additional information

We make advertisement in railway stations, as well as at the adjacent areas, in trains and other objects belonging to the Russian railways. Today we can offer advertising on all the railway stations in Moscow: Belorusskij, Kazanskij, Kirovskij, Kursk, Leningrad, Paveletsky, Riga, Savelovsky, Yaroslavlsky. Advertising in railway stations is an advertisement with high outcomes, designed for the mass market. It works 24 hours a day, without holiday, regardless of the weather or time of year.

Advertising in Moscow railway stations

Rail transport – one of the most popular and public. It is the leader in a passenger traffic in Moscow - about 2 million people a day become passengers of trains. Each of them – the potential consumer of services and the buyer of goods therefore advertizing at stations and in trains is extremely effective and convenient. Besides, middle-income persons having the opportunities to travel and ready to pay quality goods and services use trains mainly. So, advertizing at stations of the Russian Railway is characterized by exact target audience.

Also the fact that the geography of passengers of trains is extremely wide is important - advertizing at stations and overpasses will surely find the reader. Let's add that advertizing at stations of Moscow of a mnogovariantn (there is an opportunity to choose the most effective method in each case) and is inexpensive (the cost of contact much lower, than when advertizing on planes).