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Advertising at the railway station in Sochi

Train station Sochi
Passenger traffic
Commuter trains 156 539 ppl.
Long-distance trains 221 494 ppl.
Total 378 034 ppl.
  • The amount of departuring and arriving passengers, welcoming and accompanying people per month

We will place advertisement which ensure the success of any promotion. We offer our service at the railway station of Sochi, which is known as the most popular Russian resort. Sochi is the city where thousands of tourists, travelers and businessmen tend to go. Our specialists will choose the best placement option, which will provide maximum coverage and high returns from your investment. More

Railway station in Sochi is one of the largest railway stations in Krasnodar region of the North-Caucasian railway. It is located in the Krasnodar region, in the heart of the popular resort town, within walking distance from the harbor station, market, several hotels and numerous cafes. It is quite easy to get to the terminal by regular buses and taxi.

The building of the station is recognized as an architectural monument of federal importance, which is mentioned in the Red Book of UNESCO. It is considered as the most beautiful in Europe station and has 3 alternating courtyards and high-rise towers. Every day, the station serves more than one hundred pairs of trains of the various domestic and international destinations.

Advertising media at the station:

City Format

City Format

1,2 × 1,8 m

Cost of advertising
Location side type format, m price without VAT
Dagomys (Sochi district)
Waiting hall 1405-0017 А city format 1,2 × 1,8 5 510
Waiting hall 1406-0019 А city format 1,2 × 1,8 6 930
The ticket office, right side 1406-0018 А city format 1,2 × 1,8 6 930
Lazarevskoye (Sochi district)
Waiting hall №1, output, left and right sides



А city format 1,2 × 1,8 10 000
Waiting hall №2


А city format 1,2 × 1,8 10 000
Loo (micro district of the city of Sochi)
Waiting hall, left and right sides



А city format 1,2 × 1,8 10 000
Ticket offices 1408-0060 А city format 1,2 × 1,8 10 000

Advertising on trains departing from Sochi railway station