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Advertising at railway stations in Saint-Petersburg

We make advertising in Saint-Petersburg railway stations, suburban platforms, as well as in long-distance trains and commuter trains, electric trains, at adjacent to the area stations, along the railway tracks and facilities belonging to the railways. Our service is available at the following railway stations in Saint-Petersburg: Moscovsky, Ladozhsky, Finlandsky, the Baltiysky, Vitebsky, as well as in electric trains and in trains departing from stations in St. Petersburg.

Advertising at St. Petersburg railway stations will allow you not only find new customers, purchasers of goods and users of services, but also reliable partners, because the geographic coverage of passengers traveling to or arriving to the northern capital of Russia is extremely wide. More

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Advertising at railway stations in St. Petersburg:

Advertising at railway station includes all advantages of outdoor and indoor advertising in complex with the unlimited possibilities of a large passenger traffic - about 6 million passengers a month use the services of St. Petersburg railway station.

In addition, advertising at railway station is the most exact way achieve your business goal. The audience of the station is easy to calculate, it is easy to differentiate on a geographical principle, therefore it is quite easy to find the best point for placement the information about your products and services. This outdoor advertisement will attract attention and will be perceived in a positive and optimistic way.

Advertising at railway stations has many placement options, is characterized by high duration of contact, form an incentive to make immediate purchase. It works 24 hours without breaks and holidays. The contacts cost is much lower than the cost of other advertising media.

Moscovsky station Ladozhsky station Finlandsky station Baltiysky station Vitebsksky station

Passenger traffic at railway stations in St. Petersburg

Railway stations The average monthly passenger traffic, people. Number of advertising faces at the station Number of trains
Commuter trains Long distance trains
Moscovsky 1 100 000 141 47 32
Vitebsksky 620 000 10 70 14
Ladozhsky 230 000 19 15 18
Finlandsky 850 000 7 119 2
Baltiysky 870 000 39 96 -
  • According to "Russian Railways" company data for 2014